A 12 Year Plan

We’ve done this before.

In 2009 we bought a slightly rusty 1982 Dodge Okanagan campervan, pulled our 2 young boys out of school for 6 months and headed south to Mexico.

We lived on quiet beaches, ate loads of tacos, drank our fair share of tequila and most importantly, we met other people who were also living in vans!

#vanlife was not a thing back then. No one was instagramming their lives or creating content to share with thousands of followers on Youtube. Most of our new friends were just enjoying the warmer climate and the slower pace of life just like we were and some of them had been living like this for years! One couple we met had been on the road for 12 years, moving from continent to continent buying and selling their small home on wheels as needed

What??!! You mean this amazing lifestyle could be a permanent thing? How can we make this happen for ourselves?

And that is where the 12 year plan started. Every financial decision we made over the next 12 years was made with the dream of eventually selling everything and moving into our campervan full time and going on the road trip of a lifetime. We didn’t know then that we would spend 11 months building ourselves a custom van but that part has just made the dream even sweeter. Annie, our beautiful new tiny home on wheels has all the comforts of home and its exactly what we need for living simply and on purpose; we could not be happier.

We sold everything we own including our house and everything inside it and hit the road May 31, 2021. The 12 year plan is now a reality!

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Annie has everything we need including 8ft of counterspace, a fridge, hot and cold running water, a comfy bed, a shower, and a toilet!
The couch pulls out to a bed and the passenger seat swivels to provide extra seating when we are parked
Simple and practical

Published by tompkinsontheroad

Married mother of two awesome boys who is now living full time in a self converted Camper van and seeing more of the world. We gave up something super special to live our dream of living a free and simple life on the road exploring new places and taking joy in the discovery of the extraordinary

3 thoughts on “A 12 Year Plan

  1. Congrats on what is going to be a fabulous whirlwind of a trip – looking forward to following all the moments :).


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