Newfoundland Part 3

By Remy We are suffering some technical difficulties which are severely testing our patience and harshing our vibe. It’s also why we had to post Newfoundland in 3 different parts. If we can’t solve this issue then we may switch to a completely different format of staying in touch. For now, let’s get on withContinue reading “Newfoundland Part 3”

Newfoundland Part 2

By Remy After Bonavista and a self-guided puffin safari it was time to head for the Big Smoke of Newfoundland – St. John’s! St John’s was to be a major administrative stop, topping up/dropping off various fluids, re-victualling and going for luxurious showers at a rec centre. We took in some of the sights ofContinue reading “Newfoundland Part 2”


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