Selling Everything And Moving Out

We started selling our possessions about 2 years ago and then ramped it up this past 3 months to the point we could move into our van with just the stuff we really need to live a full life. The house, the car, the clothes, the art, the furniture, the tools and the kitchen stuff are all gone. If it didn’t fit in the van it got sold or given away.

There goes the bedroom furniture that I saved an entire year for.

Our beloved house on the river sold in just a few weeks! Lets hope we finish the van before the May 31 possession date or we will have nowhere to live!

A few cherished pieces of our art have been “adopted” by friends/ neighbours who will enjoy it while we are on the road

Published by tompkinsontheroad

Married mother of two awesome boys who is now living full time in a self converted Camper van and seeing more of the world. We gave up something super special to live our dream of living a free and simple life on the road exploring new places and taking joy in the discovery of the extraordinary

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