Baja Bound… Mexicali to Cabo 1511 Km

By Remy ( Photos by Liz ) Full of Christmas cheer (and food), with the batteries fully charged, water tank filled and toilet emptied, it was time for us to cross through to the other side of the looking glass. We could check another state off our list, for as soon as we crossed theContinue reading “Baja Bound… Mexicali to Cabo 1511 Km”

Swamps, Deserts and Shuffleboard Louisiana, Texas, Arizona

By Remy ( photos by Liz) We were excited to finally be entering Louisiana, as this felt like we were entering a truly exotic part of the US of A. We had had faint glimpses of this in Alabama and Mississippi, but to be in the delta of the Mississippi River seemed like we wereContinue reading “Swamps, Deserts and Shuffleboard Louisiana, Texas, Arizona”

Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. The Deep Deep South

By Remy ( photos by Liz ) Having finally eradicated “Sweet Georgia Brown” from our mental sound tracks, Lynyrd Skynyrd moved in with a new ear worm as we crossed in to Alabama. We were now on a mission to be in Memphis on December 3rd for the Chris Stapleton concert so we could notContinue reading “Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. The Deep Deep South”

It’s Like Comparing Peaches and Oranges! – Georgia and Florida

By Remy ( Photos by Liz ) With the Harlem Globetrotters ear worm of a theme song playing in our heads we plunged into the Deep South (the Southern South?). We had already encountered live oak in our travels through the Carolinas, but in Georgia they are king. These trees, which grow wider than theyContinue reading “It’s Like Comparing Peaches and Oranges! – Georgia and Florida”

The Importance of Friends and Family

By Remy ( Photos by Liz) We had stuck it out in Nova Scotia as long as we could, and now it was time to make a dash through what the locals call “the drive-through province”, New Brunswick. This moniker refers to the fact that many people dash through this working province to take inContinue reading “The Importance of Friends and Family”

Still loving Nova Scotia ( 2 of 3)

By Remy ( photos by Liz) *Phone viewing discouraged, our blog is best viewed from a larger screen! – Liz *That’s because the photography is so awesome! Don’t deny yourself the full experience of Liz’ art! – Remy We have already mentioned that Covid has been a blessing in disguise, causing us to slow ourContinue reading “Still loving Nova Scotia ( 2 of 3)”