Still loving Nova Scotia ( 2 of 3)

By Remy ( photos by Liz) *Phone viewing discouraged, our blog is best viewed from a larger screen! – Liz *That’s because the photography is so awesome! Don’t deny yourself the full experience of Liz’ art! – Remy We have already mentioned that Covid has been a blessing in disguise, causing us to slow ourContinue reading “Still loving Nova Scotia ( 2 of 3)”

Rockin’ It In Newfoundland ( part 1)

By Remy ( photos by Liz) For the first time in a long time we had to conform to a schedule, something which our new lifestyle largely eschews. We have reverted over the past few months to the diurnal rhythm of our ancient ancestors, guided primarily by the cycle of the sun which wakes usContinue reading “Rockin’ It In Newfoundland ( part 1)”

Swimming, Sailing and Sinful Eating in Cape Breton

By Remy ( photos by Liz) For the second time in less than a week we were subjected to a Covid screening as we passed from New Brunswick into New Scotland. We were sent into a minor panic as we reviewed the online regulations for entering Nova Scotia and colluded on a slight stretch ofContinue reading “Swimming, Sailing and Sinful Eating in Cape Breton”

Red Soil and Blue Mussels

By Remy ( photos by Liz) We crossed the Northumberland Strait on the 13 Km long Confederation Bridge which is also known as the”Fixed Link” (a title that does little justice to the engineering marvel that it is, but PEIslanders are a laconic bunch) and were surprised to find ourselves herded into the cattle penContinue reading “Red Soil and Blue Mussels”

Mushrooms, Lobsters and Covid Testing at the Border

By Remy ( photos by Liz) Easterly we go! We gritted our teeth and whitened our knuckles and headed out of Quebec City on the autoroutes of Quebec. The “construction holiday”, the last two weeks of July when the trades all take les vacances, was over and it is no holiday to travel now thatContinue reading “Mushrooms, Lobsters and Covid Testing at the Border”